Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Residential Kitchen

For the pizza

499–501 Lygon St, Carlton North

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In all honesty, I was hoping to receive rude service and endure bad food here, so I could entitle this blog entry 'Residential Evil' (lowest form of humour, whatever – I love a groan-inducing pun). Disappointingly, however, the food and service didn't disappoint. Now, as I feel that photos of pizza, especially those taken on a smartphone, never look that appetising, I've not included one here. But I devoured their gourmet, Moroccan Lamb pizza (Moroccan-spiced lamb, Spanish onion, baby spinach, mint yoghurt and lemon) and also managed a slice of my partner-in-crime's Roasted Pumpkin pizza (pumpkin, ricotta cheese, walnuts, basil pesto and spinach); both were delicious but we agreed that, on this occasion, I won the menu lottery. Will certainly come back to explore the rest of the menu. The coffee was good, too. 

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