Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Miss Frank

For the service, frankly

200 Through Rd, Surrey Hills (Camberwell)

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I don't know if it was Miss Frank herself, but someone friendly, welcoming and knowledgable about the cafe's offerings clocked my open laptop and came over to check that I was logged on to the wi-fi – when I replied in the negative, she promptly gave up the password and assured me it should work automatically from then on should I return another day. My kind of place!

The cafe itself is surprisingly roomy and accessible: a lift helps wheelchair users reach the higher of the room's split levels. The large communal table has groovy cut-outs that hold tubs of cutlery and menus.

Having eaten lunch elsewhere, and trying to 'eat like the French' (that is, to not deny oneself, but to 'indulge bijou'), I plumped for a miniature lemon tart to go with my afternoon coffee.  The long black was just the pick-me-up I needed – not bitter but with a decent caffeine kick – and the teeny tart was creamy and tangy and just large enough to linger over. Two thumbs up for Miss Frank.

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