Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dench Bakers

For more than just bread

109 Scotchmer St, Fitzroy North

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Sugar sugar
Often, it's the simple things done well that make for good brunching, be it soft-poached eggs that ooze lovingly over freshly baked bread, or a deceptively filling bowl of bircher muesli with raspberry compote (mine! delicious!). Dench Bakers cafe mostly gets the little touches just right, down to the miniature wooden spoons in the sugar bowls. The service is friendly, the coffee well made and the prices reasonable (though $4 per additional breakfast item means holding the bacon is good for both wallet and waistline). The decor is hip but not pretentious, with a good mix of different-sized tables and bench seating. My baby-wielding companion noted no highchairs but ample space for the pram; whether that's the case at the weekend, well, I'd have to go back to find out. Would I? Most definitely.
Poached eggs with glossy green spinach
Bircher muesli

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